Sunday, 11 December 2011

The handi work of some twisted minds- We Indians has to endure?

We INDIANS  believe that it is the inalienable right of each and every CITIZEN of INDIA, to have freedom and to enjoy and share the fruits of their toil and have the necessities of life equally. By that we mean to have full opportunity to grow. We believe that if any government deprives its people of these rights and oppresses them, the people have the further right to question its credentials. That is what Mahatma Gandhi did while fighting against the imperial force which did rule this country for 200 years.
The new proposed bill by the name `COMMUNAL AND TARGETED VIOLENCE [ACCESS TO JUSTICE AND REPARATION] BILL 2011’ which is being nurtured by the National Advisory Council, the body which is not at all responsible to the citizens of this great nation and only look to please and restore the power of Family of the modern name sake Gandi. This group from their actions we can come to the conclusion that they does not believe in the heritage and cordial atmosphere between the religions in this country from time immemorial. These coterie of the Sonia Gandhi family, who have cancerous thoughts and who likes to see citizens of this country as mere commodity that can be bartered for power are dividing this country into several compartments of caste in every religion. The new legislation `COMMUNAL AND TARGETED VIOLENCE [ACCESS TO JUSTICE AND REPARATION] BILL 2011’ which is mooted to be tabled before the parliament has the signature of the enemies of this country which will clearly act as the  seed for division in the name of religion and caste is liable to create a permanent separation in the psyche of the people and thereby to saw the seeds for partition of this country again in the lines of Religion, Caste and Creed. This law will be the base for the exploitation of the masses, and by that to ruin India ECONOMICALLY, POLITICALLY, CULTURALLY, AND SPIRITUALLY.

The Prevention of Communal Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparation) Bill 2011 drafted by the “National Advisory Council” is based on the presumption that communal trouble is created only by the majority community and the minority community does not have any role to play. Many of the moderate Muslim and Christian leaders accept that the character of Bharat is secular only because of the majority Hindus. Yet, the government seems to be hell bent on targeting the Hindus on some pretext or the others. This would be a very powerful tool in the hands of the rabidly progressing Pseudo Secular Forces which are really the wolfs inside the sheep skin looking to destabilize this nation for their own interests.
Offences which are defined under the bill have been deliberately left vague. Communal and targeted violence means violence which destroys the ‘secular fabric of the nation’. There can be legitimate political differences as to what constitutes secularism. The phrase secularism can be construed differently by different persons. Which definition is the authority under this new law supposed to follow? Similarly, the creation of a hostile ‘environment’ may leave enough scope for a subjective decision as to what constitutes ‘a hostile environment’.
The inevitable consequences of such a law would be that in the event of any communal trouble the majority community would be assumed to be guilty. There would be a presumption of guilt unless otherwise proved. Only a member of the majority shall be held culpable under this law for riots and arson. At present the situation is such that if a college professor makes a question paper which contain a character with a muslim name, it will hurt the feeling of Muslims. If Justice Krishna Iyer makes an opinion that it is ripe time to have a law for controlling the population, Christian Padres have come out to the streets braying for the blood of the old man and has called all God fearing Christians to have at least four children per family.
Is this BILL a necessity at all in for our Society?